Item-Num.: SB2585

Striped Tie Black, Red, Pink, Tangerine

Striped Tie Black, Red, Pink, Tangerine
$ 15.00

Product Details

Can't decide on the color tie to wear for the day? Then why not wear a tie with all your favorite shades? This bold striped tie in pink, red, orange, and black will be the perfect choice. Although part of Parsley's summer tie collection, it is an accessory that will look just as nice during the autumn months.

Showcase this tie with a solid white dress shirt and your favorite gray suit and you sure will receive lots of compliments. Also, we suggest adding a solid colored pocket square that matches the color of one of the stripes. Made from 100% Jacquard woven silk.

Tie Length: 58", Width: 3.25"

Product Rewiews

Michael's review

"I use the tie to dress up, especially for church. I really enjoy my friends telling me I pick out the best ties. I would recommend this for someone that has a black sports jacket or black suit."

Rating 4/5