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Striped XL Size Tie in Yellow and Blue

Striped XL Size Tie in Yellow and Blue
$ 9.95

Product Details

Look extra dapper and dashing when donning this smartly designed and crafted Striped XL Size Tie in an Academic Palette of Yellows and Blues. This uber captivating accessory is an all performance necktie that looks distinguished and accomplished with any and all styles.

For a summerweight casual look, simply team this XL Regimental Tie with a denim button down, over saturated navy blue chinos and leather loafers. Crafted from an imported man made microfiber.

XL Tie Length: 63", Width: 3.25"

Product Rewiews

Steven's review


Rating 1/5
Ramon's review

"Widest point of the tie is 3.5". Tie is aggressively tapered from there affecting the know size. Otherwise quality is good and consistent with advertising."

Rating 2/5
William's review

"Looks perfect with a navy blazer"

Rating 5/5
Karen's review

"Product is the school colors from which my sister and I graduated and hopefully our great-nephew will be attending."

Rating 5/5
Jeremiah's review

"Very nice stripped tie."

Rating 4/5
Arnet's review

"for Work Males in the Office Goof"

Rating 5/5
John's review

"Great tie"

Rating 5/5
Mark's review


Rating 5/5