Item-Num.: SB3110

Striped Designer Tie in Blue and Silver

Striped Designer Tie in Blue and Silver
$ 15.00

Product Details

Looking for the ideal new accessory that with spruce up for autumn or winter look? This tie is it! With a classic design and an original coarse silk weave, you get the best of both worlds. The color palette and design are elegant and classic with a navy blue base and British striped in light blue and silver. The texture, however, is formed by a coarse weave that gives the appearance of a thick material. But once you touch this delightful tie, you'll see that it is all silk.

This tie is the latest creation by Parsley that features an original take on the coarsely woven classic. A simple stripe design comes together in a coarse weave from all silk! This is not a skinny tie, but a slightly slimmed down width adds to a more modern look.

100% Silk | Length: 58", Width: 3.1"