Item-Num.: SB4025

Steel Gray Designer Tie

Steel Gray Designer Tie
$ 10.00

Product Details

Though it may sound contradictory, this tie strikes a perfect balance between simple and detailed that creates a sense of elegance. For starters the background of the tie is in a chic steel gray with subtle splashes of darker coloring. A high quality weave further decorates this tie in the form of detailed squared. What makes these squares intricate is alternative designs within them.

This is the latest original design for us by PUCCINI. While it isn't flashy or colorful its subtle details make this tie a true gem. The tie comes in a slightly slimmed down cut which modernizes it without making it a skinny tie.

Tie Length: 58", Width: 3.1"

Product Rewiews

Ronald's review

"Good Quality. Chance of someone else in town having the same tie is slim!"

Rating 5/5