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Solid Maroon Men's Tie

Solid Maroon Men\'s Tie
$ 10.00

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Product Details

Bring color and some change to your business rotation with this maroon-hued piece by Puccini. The rich reddish color is paired with a finely woven fabric texture - a finish that adds a subtle matte sheen to this bold colored Autumn necktie.

While we could dress this tie with almost any suit in a man's wardrobe, we picked out the classic 3-piece suit in light gray, along with a narrow striped white and blue dress shirt. Made from microfiber.

Tie Length: 58", Width: 3.25"

Product Rewiews

Dennis's review


Rating 5/5
Anna's review

"Exactly what my groom was looking for!"

Rating 5/5
David's review

"I will order again."

Rating 5/5
ken's review

"Good quality."

Rating 5/5
Wendy's review

"Great looking. Good quality. Great value for price."

Rating 5/5
whitney's review

"Looks good and good price"

Rating 5/5
Linda's review

"Good quality tie"

Rating 5/5
Lynette's review

"Stock up on your son or brother ties"

Rating 5/5
Bill's review

"A perfect match for my business suits and matches the colors of my institution."

Rating 5/5
Yetty's review

"Tie looks fine. Price was cheap. Quality is good"

Rating 5/5
Dhiru's review

"very nice with affordable price"

Rating 5/5
John's review


Rating 5/5
NAJEEB's review

"Excellent Tie. Properly tapered from the widest point to most narrow point."

Rating 5/5
Juan's review

"Blue or white dress shirt with Navy suit. On point."

Rating 5/5
Detrice's review


Rating 5/5
Abel's review

"I am vacate happy with the ties. Great service."

Rating 5/5
Colleen's review

"Great tie"

Rating 5/5
Rosemary's review

"I loved this tie!"

Rating 5/5
Gilbert's review

"Excellent tie for work."

Rating 5/5
Richard's review

"Just what I wanted."

Rating 5/5
cynthia's review

"Excellent quality for an unbelievable price!"

Rating 5/5
Samuel's review

"Worn for work...fits the bill when worn with bright striped shirt."

Rating 4/5
Dennis's review

"I dress business casual for work. I would recommend this product to anyone that wants to look professional and not spend a lot of money trying to do so."

Rating 5/5