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Solid Kids Sized Tie in Bright Purple

Solid Kids Sized Tie in Bright Purple
$ 9.95

Product Details

Let your handsome son stand out from the crowd with sensational and chic accessories that compliment his boyish charms. This fun and cool solid hued necktie in bright purple, pops with a modern sense of style and playfulness.

Coordinate the perfect ensemble for that next fancy occasion by layering your son with a patterned dress shirt, this cool purple tie and broken in chinos. Beautifully designed by Puccini and fabricated from one hundred percent man made micro-fiber.

Kids Tie Length: 47", Tie Width: 2.25"

Product Rewiews

Samantha's review

"I bought this tie for my 10 year old nephew, and it worked perfect!!"

Rating 5/5