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Solid color ties
Cherry red necktie

Solid color ties<br />Cherry red necktie
$ 5.00

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Product Details

Solid color red tie in a popular cherry red color. This tie is made from stain-resistant microfiber fabric. The soft feel and brilliant shine on this tie gives it a silk-like look, but with a much better resistance to stains and wrinkles. A red tie to an unbelievable price only Cheap-Neckties can offer.

Solid color red tie made from Microfiber. Length: 58", Width: 3.5"

Product Rewiews

Michael's review

"For only $*** the quality of the tie is unbelievable, you can not tell if from a high priced tie. I would recommend this tie for anyone who has a job that requires a tie, for church and basically any social gathering. I know we are going on a cruise soon and they have dress up nights so this might be one of the ties that I wear then."

Rating 5/5
Kevin's review

"Personal Friends Great"

Rating 5/5
Gregory's review


Rating 5/5
Romeo's review

"This necktie looks great."

Rating 5/5
Timothy's review

"Great holiday tie. It is thick, so somewhat challenging to produce a trim knot"

Rating 4/5
Seth's review

"A+ Product"

Rating 5/5
Joyce's review

"wonderfully made"

Rating 5/5
Gilbert's review

"Excellent tie. Great for business dress at work."

Rating 5/5
Brittany's review

"The quality and color are beautiful."

Rating 5/5
Rebecca's review

"The product was perfect color n wud recommend to anyone that needs a tie."

Rating 5/5
Anthony's review

"Excellent quality! Beyond my expectations."

Rating 5/5
Ronnie's review

"Great tie"

Rating 5/5
Raymond's review

"Great quality, son needed it for school."

Rating 5/5
Jessica's review


Rating 5/5
amelia's review

"very nice"

Rating 5/5
Brandi's review

"Looks good especially for the price."

Rating 5/5
Nick's review

"Quick, quality and professional! Thanks for such great service."

Rating 5/5
Josh's review

"This tie looked better in person than online bold color went perfectly w my black shirt and jeans the other night"

Rating 5/5
Elgin's review

"Great tie"

Rating 5/5
Montavious's review

"Great color"

Rating 4/5
Scott's review

"Quality is average. May not buy again."

Rating 3/5
Luzetta's review

"Was one of ten that we were considering for a wedding."

Rating 5/5