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Solid color ties
Burgundy red necktie

Solid color ties<br />Burgundy red necktie
$ 5.00

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Product Details

This burgundy red necktie is made from a stain-resistant microfiber. Microfiber ties are less likely to wrinke and are almost indistinguishable from silk ties. They have a soft silk-like feel and give off an excellent shine.

Length: 58”, Width: 3.25”

Product Rewiews

daniel's review


Rating 5/5
Preston's review

"The products are worn for work at a credit union."

Rating 5/5
Alison's review

"We use this product for servers in a restaurant Reasonably priced very durable the company has excellent prices excellent customer service very professional and prompt delivery no reason not to use them I give them five stars been using them for two years now"

Rating 5/5
Alan's review

"Good product and seems professional"

Rating 4/5
Keith's review

"Great color"

Rating 5/5
randall's review

"Love it"

Rating 5/5
elizabeth's review

"Great tie and price. Using for my 12 year old."

Rating 5/5
Sherry's review

"Very good quality and color was as represented."

Rating 5/5
JANE's review


Rating 5/5
Shameka's review

"Tie is good quality and in real life looks like picture."

Rating 5/5
Gute's review

"Good product"

Rating 5/5
Jennifer's review

"Excellent service! I received my order in 2 days. I would definitely recommend this site to anyone who is trying to find nice quality ties at an affordable price."

Rating 5/5
timothy's review

"they fix and looked great"

Rating 5/5
Bill's review

"I have ordered this tie 3 times. Love the quality and texture. Wear it probably 2-3 times per month (because I have a wide selection for daily wear)."

Rating 5/5
Michael's review

"The ties will be used for our church convention; many are surprised of the quality."

Rating 5/5
Irving's review

"Use for work"

Rating 5/5
Staci's review

"Love them!"

Rating 5/5
Daniel's review

"Great quality, beautiful ties!"

Rating 5/5
Pamela's review

"Great quality and value."

Rating 5/5
Richard's review

"great quality"

Rating 5/5
Mike's review

"An amazing and classy design."

Rating 5/5
Florence's review

"Great looking tie, nicely made a great buy."

Rating 5/5
Jeannette's review


Rating 5/5
Donnette's review

"Tie use= work tie People who need a everyday tie for work Need to wear tie for a month or so to really see the quality of the tie."

Rating 5/5
Adge's review

"Excellent basic tie"

Rating 5/5
Tanya's review


Rating 3/5
Victor's review

"Great quality!"

Rating 5/5
Cassaundra's review

"Great product"

Rating 5/5
Hiedi's review


Rating 5/5
William's review

"Great business necktie."

Rating 5/5
Elijah's review

"Used for a wedding. Was a great fit with the rest of the formal wear and is made well, not thin, not flimsy. A good solid tie."

Rating 5/5
Annie's review

"Wedding tie. The quality is decent for the price you are getting it at!"

Rating 5/5
Roy's review

"love it, would recommend this product to everybody"

Rating 5/5
Ross's review

"Good quality. Durable. Good for every day wear."

Rating 5/5