Item-Num.: SB3737F

Soft Gray and White Polka Dot Bow Tie

Soft Gray and White Polka Dot Bow Tie
$ 10.00

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Step into the modern world with this exciting polka dotted bow tie in both silver and white. This is the exact bow tie to dapple with in Spring. With it's light silver color it blends elegantly with the pastels of the Spring months while also working with the bolds of Fall and Winter. This bow tie is extremely versatile for all seasons. It can be paired with a baby blue button up, or even a burgundy.

This bow tie is made in a resistant microfiber that's wrinkle-free and easy to clean. Handwoven for the luxurious look and feel of silk at a more affordable price. Pre-tied with an easily adjustable strap.

Style: Pre-tied Bowtie | Length: Adjustable to 19.5" Necksize