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Skinny Knit Tie in Hot Pink and Navy

Skinny Knit Tie in Hot Pink and Navy
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We would all love to go on a shopping spree every week but unfortunately our pockets refuse to commit to such a privilege. Never fear, we have ways and means around this minor predicament. Accessories are the way forward to allow for an inexpensive wardrobe revival without having to resort to a complete overhaul! Enhance that washed-out denim shirt that's been hanging in your closet since graduation with our Skinny Knit Tie in Hot Pink and Navy. Roll up the sleeves for a ruggedly handsome appeal and add a pair of matching pink and navy striped socks for a trendy addition to complete your deceptively deluxe and affordable ensemble. PLEASE NOTE: This tie has a flat bottom and not the standard pointed bottom.

Made from unique knitted silk fabric.

100% Silk | Length: 58"| Skinny Width: 2.5"