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Information on silver ties: All there is to know about the silver necktie

Matching silver ties:

Silver can range from a platinum color to a light gray. When it comes to neckties the more metallic the color, the more festive the tie will be. The most formal are the shiny solid color silver ties, and ties in a platinum color. The most common occasions for such colored ties are formal events occurring during the day. Weddings are a classic example for shiny silver or platinum colored silk ties. Such ties match best with classic colors of white, charcoal, and black.

The duller and less shiny colors appear more gray than silver, and are less formal and better suited for business. Many necktie designers use shades of gray for their fall and winter collections. Gray ties match well with white, blue, burgundy red, yellow, and green. Besides gray, more patterns soften the formal look of silver ties. A striped necktie with silver, light blue, and gold stripes is a good example. Besides stripes, patterns of tiny polka dots, checks, squares, and ribbed patterns, also soften the formal look. Those ties are better suited for daily business attire.

The effects of wearing a silver necktie:

Silver has an elegant effect and often has a sophisticated elegant look. Gray on the other hand is more conservative and has a more depressing effect. Necktie designers often match the shades of gray with the darker months of the year in the fall and winter.

Buy silver and gray ties:

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Silver and gray neckties: All there is to know about wearing and matching a silver silk tie. Information on silver and gray ties such as matching silver ties, when to wear a silver necktie and more.