Item-Num.: SB2021T

Silk Pocket Square in Red Blue

Silk Pocket Square in Red Blue
$ 14.90

Product Details

Chevalier has created yet another gorgeous pocket square. Made from one hundred percent silk, this intricately designed pocket square is perfect for any man. Its small squares of red, black, navy, silver and white are all neutral colors that work well with anyone's personality and style. This should be paired with any suit containing these colors and can even be worn with a neutral color like beige or tan. As for the dress shirts, the same rule applies: any color found within this pocket square, or for the more bold, a dress shirt with a bit more design or pattern. The best fold to show off these beautiful colors would be a straight or a puff fold so that the pocket square can remain timeless in shape, but pop in color.

Silk Pocket Square, Size: 10.5"