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Silk Kids Ttie With Silver and White Stripes

Silk Kids Ttie With Silver and White Stripes
$ 14.95

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This Parsley silk neck tie has been hand made for your child to wear to many different events. This is a wonderful tie that can be sported for both the day and night. For a great daytime look, pair this textured tie with a white dress shirt and a light grey or a navy suit. This will make a crisp look that is meant for a formal occasion. For night, pair this tie with a black suit and either a black or a white dress shirt. The black with make the white pop, while the white will make the grey stripes pop.

Kids Tie Length: 48", Kids Tie Width: 2.5"

Product Rewiews

Julia's review

"This tie might be a smidge too long for a 6 year old boy, but the quality/colors are great!"

Rating 5/5