Item-Num.: SB3117

Sapphire Blue and Bright Red Floral Tie

Sapphire Blue and Bright Red Floral Tie
$ 20.00

Product Details

This latest tie is a charming and luxuriant take on the floral design that draws from a unique color palette. A dark midnight blue base serves as the background for intricately woven floral motifs in sapphire, light blue, and bright red. While the floral design is very classic the color choice is unique, giving it a marine or coral reef impression.

This latest tie by Chevalier is a completely original tie, featuring top quality fabrics, unique colors, and a gorgeous floral design. Match with any outfit for a refined look. In a slimmer cut for a modern appearance.

Fabric: Pure Woven Silk | Length: 58", Width: 3.1"