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Ribbed Texture Skinny Tie in Silver

Ribbed Texture Skinny Tie in Silver
$ 10.00

Product Details

Bring the new you into the world with our new Ribbed Texture Skinny Tie in Silver. Old reliable has gotten a makeover, y'all. What's the upgrade you ask? Well Puccini's newest design is a marvelous sleek skinny design with a width of 2.75 inches.

It's genius, we know. Allowing comfort in all of our favorite colors while revamping the style to succeed in the modern climate. You'll want to pair our silver mens tie with everything. While this is possible, also take a look at our style tip created just for this tie: add our textured silver tie to a crisp white button up and rich noir fitted suit. Fall will be falling for you.

Fabric: Ribbed Texture Microfiber | Length: 58", Skinny Width: 2.75"