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Retro Paisley Tie in Beige, Gray, and Red

Retro Paisley Tie in Beige, Gray, and Red
$ 15.00

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Beige is the ideal color when you're looking for a necktie that you can wear year round. It'll pair nicely with your pastel Springtime shades and your cold Winter ensembles. Its handsome paisley display is just dashing enough that it won't clash with your other accessories. When wearing this necktie it's important to keep in mind that it's going to take the spotlight no matter what, so dress it up!

We wanted this necktie to be perfect, so we added the addition of a modern width of 2.75 inches. The impeccable cotton weave makes for a strong and handsome necktie you'll be able to wear well on into the f
Printed on Cotton Flannel | Length: 58", Width: 2.75"