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Red and Navy Blue Striped Silk Tie

Red and Navy Blue Striped Silk Tie
$ 15.00

Product Details

If you’re looking for style, quality, and striking color, then this modern and elegant take on the classic striped tie motif is just what you’re looking for. Handmade craftsmanship takes center stage on this tie, with a pattern that is woven directly into the fabric, rather than being printed on. Alternating navy blue, white, and crimson striped are set against a background of deep cardinal red; all handcrafted from finest Jacquard woven silk.

In addition, this ties superior thickness, softness, and texture, make it ideal for a wide range of tie knots, be it the classic four-in-hand, or the far more formal dimpled Windsor knot. Tie Length: 58”, Tie Width: 3.25"

Product Rewiews

Tom's review

"very good quality for price point"

Rating 5/5
Russell's review

"Nice Tie"

Rating 4/5
Sanjay's review

"Worn for work. Made of silk - excellent."

Rating 5/5
Mary's review

"Loved the quality, Will definitely use this tie for special occasion."

Rating 5/5
Jim's review

"very happy"

Rating 4/5
Luzetta's review

"Beautiful and high quality. We almost used for a wedding, but another tie ultimately won."

Rating 5/5