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Polka Dot Tie in Gingersnap Brown

Polka Dot Tie in Gingersnap Brown
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This Warm Taupe Mens Tie with Polka Dots is the ideal Summer statement piece. It demands that all eyes are on it, and is also luxurious in it's making. It is a delightful shade of gingersnap brown, and is further elaborated with classy polka dots creating a subtle yet elegant design for any Summer suit. The color possibilities are endless, but we prefer to wear it with a loose fitting navy or light blue suit. This will be the perfect statement piece to catch the attention of anyone at your annual Summer gathering.

This piece is certain to make a statement because, who doesn't love Polka Dots? It is 58 inches of luxuriously handmade with silk and linen, it is the ideal piece to add to any wardrobe. It also comes in several different colors including: aqua, denim, wheat, and lilac.

Handmade - 55% Silk, 45% Linen | Length: 58", Width: 3.0"