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Polka Dot Tie in Black in XL

Polka Dot Tie in Black in XL
$ 9.95

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Go for a sleek luxury look with this black polka dot tie by Pucinni. Whether you're dressing for the office, or a hot date with your sweetheart this sultry number will make an impression. Do keep in mind that this tie is apart of our Extra Long collection, which means that it has an extra 5 inches on the standard length tie. However, this tie is also available in our standard length collection.

Wear it with a pair of blue jeans, and a light blue shirt for a simple, clean look that shows off this posh item. The microfiber makeup will make life easier with it's resilience to both stains, and frays. You'll never want to take it off.

Brand: PUCCINI | Fabric: Repp Texture Microfiber | XL Length: 62", Width: 3.25"