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Plum Purple Floral Necktie

Plum Purple Floral Necktie
$ 10.00

Product Details

This lavish tie is a vision of pure royalty. It's has an eccentric design that is sure to catch the eyes of everyone in the room. The elegance it embraces is ideal for Autumn weather, and colors. It's delicious plum purple color creates the perfect background for the artistic floral design in a deep blue. These two brought together create an experience for the eye unlike any other.

Our Plum Purple Floral Necktie is a standard 58 inches in length with a width of 3 inches. It is perfectly paired with a deep blue suit that pairs with the ties floral design. This tie is elegantly made by Puccini, and it is sure to become your favorite piece in any collection.

Length: 58", Width: 3.0"