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Narrow Width Tie in Peacock

Narrow Width Tie in Peacock
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Eyes are the window to a person's soul, but sometimes a tie is too. What better way to describe yourself than wearing a deep and rich jade neck tie from our lovely designer Cantucci? This green symbolizes determination, intellect, and power to us. The tone of the neck tie is quite rare to find and you notice right away the mesmerizing intrigue. We guarantee admirers lining outside your door for you if you wear this just right.

Slightly narrower than your average tie, you will present yourself as a modern man. Wear this with a slim cut suit to show the world just how handsome you really are.

Length: 58", Narrow Width: 3"

Product Rewiews

della's review

"Using this for wedding. Excellent choice on the website."

Rating 5/5
Marlee's review

"Used for my wedding - looked great with the other ties!"

Rating 5/5