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Mens Tie in Cognac Orange

Mens Tie in Cognac Orange
$ 5.00

Product Details

This is a great tie that can be worn in any season and to any occasion. The Cognac-Orange is a loud enough color to be noticed, but toned down enough to remain appropriate.

We love this dark, rich color with a navy blue suit and a patterned blue dress shirt. Since this is a solid tie without any patterns, this gives you a lot of freedom to play around with patterns and textures with everything else. For example, we suggest pairing this tie with a simple navy suit and a white and navy striped or checkered dress shirt. The pattern will help to pull everything together, making your outfit a complete one. Made from stain resistant microfiber.

Mens Tie Length: 58", Tie Width: 3.5"

Product Rewiews

Yama's review

"Very elegant."

Rating 5/5
Lawrence's review

"Beautiful color, Excellent quality."

Rating 5/5