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Mens Solid Necktie in Crimson Red

Mens Solid Necktie in Crimson Red
$ 10.00

Product Details

This stunning necktie, featuring a rich crimson red color, packs a powerful punch with it's outstanding aesthetic. The pure microfiber textile is both stain and wrinkle resistant, while the accompanying satin finish gives a subtle, yet present, sheen, pulling your outfit together nicely. Because of it's self-tie design, this piece can be easily adjusted to your desired size, giving you instant comfort and control.

You have a piece that is handcrafted by Puccini Luxury Neckwear Designers, a fashion house that always creates pieces that are stunning in design, at unbeatable price points.

Tie Length: 58", Width: 3.25"

Product Rewiews

Gregory's review

"School color"

Rating 5/5
Rene's review

"great color and materials"

Rating 5/5
Jacob's review

"Good quality, great price. Recommended for anyone who wants a decent, inexpensive tie."

Rating 4/5