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Mens Silk Tie in Light Pink

Mens Silk Tie in Light Pink
$ 15.00

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A classy cherry-blossom pink silk tie. This tie is handmade from finest silk which adds a brilliant shine to the tie. It is a perfect necktie for the sunny days in spring and summer. Even though it is a popular tie for spring weddings it is still well suited for business attire. To match this tie we suggest suits in navy, gray, charcoal, or tan. Because this tie is solid in color, it will pair well with pin striped, check, herringbone, and birds-eye patterns. Made from pure silk.


Tie Length: 58". Tie Width: 3.5"

Product Rewiews

Josh's review

"A good tie but lots of broken threads so there looked like a white haze over the tie."

Rating 3/5