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Light Silver Neck Tie

Light Silver Neck Tie
$ 5.00

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Product Details

This festive platinum color tie will add more formality to any suit. Although formal in color and design, the slightly narrower European cut, give this tie a contemporary look. This tie pairs best with suits in the gray to black color range.

To match this tie we either suggest a classic and formal look consisting of black suit and white shirt, or a modern look made up from a monochromatic black suit and black shirt look. Made from care-free microfiber.

Tie Length: 58", Tie Width: 3.5"

Product Rewiews

David's review

"Ties are used for uniform appearance in a swing-style orchestra; would recommend to any performers looking for a good at age appearance at a very reasonable cost. Quality is very good, very consistent in all pieces (18). Highly recommended!"

Rating 5/5
Richard's review

"I love the product and posted a photo showing it on my facebook page with a link to the site..."

Rating 5/5
Janell's review

"Nice quality, feel, and style. Arrived in the mail really fast."

Rating 5/5
david's review

"great quality"

Rating 5/5
Gina's review

"Better than we expected!"

Rating 5/5
Oliver's review

"Pretty!!! THANKS!!!"

Rating 5/5
Jean's review

"The tie is made really nice! We got these for a wedding. Verynice"

Rating 5/5
JOHN's review

"Great ties and price.."

Rating 5/5
Martha's review

"Quite pleased"

Rating 5/5
Karla's review

"Students will be wearing the ties for a fundraising dinner. They will help make a lasting impression for our guests."

Rating 5/5
Cory's review

"Works well with grey shirts."

Rating 5/5
Rodney's review

"I use this product for work. Recently our desired vendor stop fulfilling our orders and this is an exact match. I have recommended your site to all my co workers. I will continue to use this quality product. I have purchased a personal order as well. Thank you."

Rating 5/5
Judge's review

"I wear ties everyday as a judge. Receive compliments regularly."

Rating 5/5
Kerry's review

"beautiful tie"

Rating 5/5
Bob's review

"Perfect for my brothers wedding"

Rating 5/5
Franchelle's review


Rating 5/5
Maria's review

"very nice ties and great prices!"

Rating 5/5
Karen's review


Rating 5/5
Elijah's review

"Used for a wedding. Was a great fit with the rest of the formal wear and stood out well on burgundy dress shirts. It is made well, not thin, not flimsy. A good quality tie!"

Rating 5/5
James's review

"For the price the quality is fine."

Rating 4/5
George's review

"Great quality!"

Rating 5/5
Bobbie's review


Rating 5/5
Patricia's review

"My son went to his high school homecoming dance. The tie was the perfect match. I told everyone at work and my friends that I got the tie on line at"

Rating 5/5