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Light Blue Gold Striped Tie

Light Blue Gold Striped Tie
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With its decidedly modern take on the classic striped tie motif, this piece will be surely garner your attention. Handcrafted from the finest Jacquard woven silk, this tie features the added mark of quality of an intricate pattern that is woven directly into the fabric of the tie itself, rather than simply being printed on. Finely rendered navy blue lines slice diagonally across the face, and are flanked by thicker strips of copper; and all set against a cool steel blue background.

Perfect for either a business, or a casual setting, this tie will definitely make you the center of attention. In addition, the superior thickness and texture allow you to branch out from the simple four-in-hand knot, and tackle more complicated and formal ones, such as the dimpled Windsor. Wear with a classic white shirt, or a light blue.

Tie Length: 58”, Tie Width: 3.25”