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XL Length Charcoal and Silver Paisley Tie

XL Length Charcoal and Silver Paisley Tie
$ 9.95

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A tie that defines perfection and is beyond comparable is right here and ready for order. This Paisley handmade designed tie by Puccini is really one of a kind. It exudes royalty and class. It is one to leave a long lasting impression on anyone you come across wearing this. Some combinations on wearing this is with a white/black collared shirt and a classic black suit. You can also wear it with a black blazer and a pinstripe 2 piece suit. This tie will have heads turning everywhere you go. Great for dinner parties and wedding events. If you are a man of 6 foot 3 stature or higher then this is the perfect fit for you. A true gentlemen knows that a tie like this is needed in their collection.

XL Length: 63", Width: 3.25"

Product Rewiews

Todd's review

"formal looking"

Rating 4/5
Amanda's review

"The look of this tie is very appealing. I would recommend this tie to anyone looking for a professional look. The piece of material on the back of the tie to hold down the shorter part needs to be a little higher up. My husband has a large neck making it difficult to tuck the tie in the back."

Rating 4/5