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Jadesheen Colored Skinny Paisley Tie

Jadesheen Colored Skinny Paisley Tie
$ 15.00

Product Details

This tie is a true original, featuring a highly unique color combination and modern cut. It marries a base in jade with a slight sheen with large classic paisleys in red, blue, gray and ivory accents. These elements combine to result in a tie that is generally classic in appearance with an updated innovative feel. This modern tie is further enhanced by a slim cut, which ensures that it will add a trendy touch to any outfit you match to.

Another vibrant and original design by BlackBird made from a high-quality silk fabric with modern elements. This is a skinny ties which means that it reaches a width of 2.75 inches. Skinny ties work best with fitted apparel and slender or tall physiques.

Fabric: 100% Silk | Tie Length: 58", Skinny Width: 2.75"