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Information on white ties: All there is to know about white neckties

The history of white ties:

White is one of the oldest and most traditional colors for neckties. In fact, the white tie is the second oldest necktie color after red. Initially Croatian mercenaries brought the necktie to France in the 17th century during the 30s war to show their support for King Louis. They used a scarf like tie to tie the top of their uniforms. Just like a large portion of the Croatian flag, the first necktie was red in color.

King Louis was inspired by how brave the Croats were fighting on the side of his men. He also found liking in their neckties and soon adopted this look into the upper class French fashion. To honor the Croats, he named the necktie “La Cravat”, a name still used today in France. The Cravat was initially made from fine linen and was white in color. Hence , the white necktie carries a long history in fashion. Initially the necktie was a reserved piece of fashion accessory for the French upper class.

During the 18th century the British also adopted the white necktie for the upper, noble class. Just like in France, the white necktie became part of any formal event for the upper class. Later on, during 1820 King George V found liking in a black colored necktie. Even though he required his guests to wear a black tie, not many of them actually like the look. It is said that most of his guests carried a white necktie in their pocket as a reserve. It is not surprising that the black necktie never really made it, and soon after King George, the white necktie was once again the preferred formal piece of neckwear by the upper class. Even today it is British tradition to wear a white tie to formal evening events. They white tie is also called “the queen of all ties”. Americans on the other hand prefer a black tie and also speak of “black tie events” and invitations. Most parts of Europe however choose the white tie. German judges for example are required to wear a white tie to court.

Dress code tips for white neckties:

Solid color white ties are quite rare in men’s fashion. Matching a white tie depends on the occasion. Most of the time the white tie is worn for formal “black tie” events, that occur during the day or in warmer weather. For such an occasion the white tie is matched best colors of white and black. It is important to create a contrast between light and dark. For black tie events in warm weather a good combination with a white necktie: Black pants, white tuxedo jacket, white dress shirt, and white necktie. Another combination is all white!

For business attire the solid color white necktie is out of place. Instead pick a white necktie that also has other colors in it such as light blue stripes, or tiny silver checks. Then combine it with some color such as light blue dress shirt and gray suit.

Wearing all black with a white necktie reminds a little of the 1920s “Gangster Look” made popular in the 1967 movie “Bonnie and Clyde”. If this is the look you are going for than a skinny solid color white tie is best suited.

The effects of wearing white silk ties:

Experts speak of psychology of colors meaning that each color tone creates certain moods and feelings within us. Even though white is not a color, and said to be color-less, it still has a certain effect on us. The color white resembles purity and innocence. Judges in Germany for example are required to wear a white tie in court – a symbol of fairness.

Who wears white silk ties?

In the US white ties are quite rare in fashion and most common for formal “black tie” events during the day and in warm weather. Other parts of the world, particularly Europe, wear white ties more frequently to black tie events during the day as well as the evening.

In fashion the white tie is often combined with other color shades such as cream/champagne, silver, platinum, gold, light blue, and pink. Such color combinations are typical choices for wedding ties. A white tie with platinum colored checks is a classic example of a formal wedding tie.

White neckties: All there is to know about wearing and matching a white silk tie. Information on white ties such as the history of white neckties, matching white ties, when to wear a white necktie and more.