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Information on red neckties

History of red ties:

During the 30 years war Croatian mercenaries traveled to France to show their support to King Louis. They wore a red scarf-like necktie around their necks to tie the top of their uniforms. So the first necktie was in fact red in color. Later on the King adopted the necktie, as part of formal men’s attire, and for the first time the necktie became more of a fashion accessory than serving any other purpose. The color however did change from red to white.

In men’s fashion the first red ties came much later during the end of the 19th century. Initially red was only an accent color used in the stripes of British regimental ties. The first solid color red ties were worn in Spain during 1910 as part of the traditional event of “Running of the Bulls.

Today, red is the most popular necktie color. Darker shades of red such as maroon or burgundy are classy business ties that are fashionable, but yet conservative. Bright red ties make a much polder statement.

The effects of wearing red ties on others:

Red is considered to be a passionate color. Men that wear a red necktie are typically more on the outgoing side, and not afraid to stand out from the crowd. The brighter the red tie, the bolder it will be – especially if the contrast is set with a dark gray suit and a white dress shirt. Less of a contrast is combining the red tie with a gray shirt and dark gray suit.

The different shades of red:

There are quite a few different shades of red from “loud” to “conservative”. The brighter red shades such as a fire-engine red will make you stand out from the crowd. It is advisable not to wear such bright red ties in business, unless you work in a young and fashion conscious environment. The bright red skinny necktie is an example for a tie often worn by young “hipster” men. The darker reds of maroon, burgundy, and chestnut are more “mature” and conservative colors. Such ties are common choices for politicians for example. Very fashionable red ties for the spring are often in coral, or orange-red. Such ties match exceptionally well with a light blue shirt and gray or beige suit.

Matching a red tie to shirt and suit:

Almost all reds will look great with blue. As a general rule combine the lighter and brighter reds with a lighter blue dress shirt. Darker reds will look great with any shade of blue. The most common way to match a red necktie is with blue dress shirt and charcoal gray suit. Lighter red such as coral red will also look exceptionally well with a beige/tan business suit, brown shoes, and brown belt.

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