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Information on pink neckties

The psychology of wearing pink neckties

The color pink is created by the basic color red. Just like red, is said to be a passionate color. Unlike red however, pink is a much calmer color since it is much lighter. Fashion designer of times speak of a romantic color when describing pink – combining passion with tranquility. Pink ties are most popular by younger men and by outgoing personality types.

Different shades of pink

A large variety of pinks exist in men’s fashion, but most common are light pink, salmon color, lavender pink, and coral. Unlike orange, pink is almost exclusively part of designers spring and summer collections. Wearing a pink necktie on an overcast winter day is simply out of place.

Matching pink ties to suit and shirt:

The most classic way to match a pink necktie is with a white dress shirt and a charcoal gray suit. Even though this is the most popular combination to matching pink ties, other alternatives are light pink ties with a powder blue dress shirt and light gray suit. Darker shades of pink that have more red also match well with tan suits.

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Pink silk ties: Information on pink neckties in mens fashion: Learn how to match pink ties, the different shades of pink in neckties, when to wear pink ties, who typically wears pink ties, how others perceive men wearing pink ties, and more.