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Information about orange colored neckties

The effects of color on people:

Orange is a mix of the two basic colors: Red and yellow. It is not surprising then that psychologists associate orange with attributes from both colors: Red is said to be passionate, and yellow is said to have warm and cheerful effect on people. The mix of those two colors creates a nice balance of each. Orange is said to stand for balance, warmth, and enthusiasm. Orange colored neckties are typically perceived in a positive way, making orange ties a great tie for business as well as leisure.

The different shades of orange in men’s fashion

As with most colors, the brighter and lighter shades of orange are typical for the spring and summer months. Popular is a light peach orange color in the spring. Designers often use a darker shade of orange that has a brownish, bronze shimmer – a shade that is supposed to resemble the look of turning leaves.

Learn how to match orange ties:

For the spring: Match a light orange tie with a light blue or white dress shirt. The best suits for this combination are tan or beige, as well as light gray. For the beige suit, pick brown shoes and a brown belt. If you wear a French cuffed shirt, then the best cufflink color is gold. Make sure to match the color of the cufflinks with your belt buckle.

For the fall: Match a dark bronze-orange necktie with a white dress shirt and a brown or dark green suit. Also great is to combine this type of tie with classic white shirt and charcoal gray suit.

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