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Information on green neckties

The different shades of green:

Mixing the two basic colors cyan (blue), and yellow, creates the shades of green. Adding black and white to the mix gives almost infinite colors from a light tea green, over to a bright apple green, within to a darker olive green. The most common colors for men’s silk ties are:

  • Tea green ties
  • Lime green neckties
  • Sage green ties
  • Moss green ties
  • Apple green ties
  • Olive green ties
  • Forrest green ties

The lighter colors are typically seen in designers’ spring and summer collections. Darker colors are more common in the fall and winter.

Matching green ties:

Matching green sites is quite simple. The lighter shades of green should be combined with pieces of clothing designed for the same season: Spring and Summer. This means lighter colors for the shirts, and lighter fabrics for the suits. The same is true for dark green ties: Combine such with dark blue or brown suits.

Green ties and the effects on others

Every color brings out certain moods and feelings in people. The reaction we have towards a colors is, although mostly subconsciously, instantaneous. Red for example is an alarming color that often makes people nervous, while blue is a soothing and calming color. Yellow is said to be friendly and cheerful.

Effects of the color green:

  • Soothing effect
  • Mentally and physically relaxing
  • Supposed to help educe depression, nervousness, and anxiety
  • Gives a feeling of renewal

Green is a positive and warm color in fashion. For that reason green neckties are popular ties for any season. Light green ties in the summer and darker/forest green ties in the fall and winter.

Buy green neckties

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Green silk ties: Information on green neckties in mens fashion: Sage green, apple green, tea green, and lime green ties in the spring and summer fashion, and olive and forest green neck ties in the fall and winter fashion. When to wear what shade of green necktie, matching green neckties to shirt and suit, and what occasions are best for green ties. Striped green ties or solid color green ties, what matches best?