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Information about blue neckties

The effects of blue on people:

The majority of both men and women pick blue as their favorite color. Blue is said to have a calming effect on people. Researchers have found that blue helps people focus and be more productive. For this reason, most office buildings are decorated in shades of blue.

Wearing a blue necktie is always a classic choice. It is the least likely color to offend anyone. If you want to be more conservative, then darker shades of blue are in place. Light blue, and baby blue ties are exceptional for warmer weather. If you want to wear a great looking tie during a warm summer day, then the light blue tie is one of the best choices, together with pink, orange, and light green.

Different shades of blue used for neckties:

There are more than 16 million colors in the spectrum – far more than our eyes could distinguish. When describing a color there are two common ways to do this. The first is usually done to get an exact color match and is used by graphic designers, paint specialists, as well as in the fabric industry. Colors are described by a specific number and letter combination, also called pan-tone colors. If you need a uniform necktie that exactly matches your company’s colors, then the best way is to do this by giving us the desired pan-tone color. Click here to find out more on custom designed neckties.

Fashion designers typically describe colors in a more elegant way. Instead of naming them by a combination of numbers and letters, they use words to describe a particular shade. In men’s fashion there are about 30 common shades of blue that fall into four different categories:

The light blues:

The more light blue in the necktie, the better suited it is for warmer, summer weather. The list of light blue contains the shades:

  • Alice Blue ties: A very light hint of blue with a silver/white shimmer.
  • Baby Blue Ties: The most common used term to describe a light blue tie. Baby blue is darker than Alice blue, and goes more into turquoise than silver.
  • Light blue: Again, darker than baby blue.
  • Powder Blue: Looks very close to light blue, but has more grayish tone.
  • Electric blue: A very bright light blue color that has a turquoise/aqua shimmer. In recent years electric blue ties have become quite popular – especially for the solid color skinny ties.

Shades of Blue:

The classic blue colors are:

  • Azure Blue: Azure has slightly more green shimmer and is also lighter than the classic Blue tone. In men’s fashion, including neckties, Azure blue is rarely used. This color is more common for women’s fashion –especially for make-up products.
  • Blue: Although a common color, it is traditionally not used very often in men’s fashion, as it appears too bright in color.
  • Royal blue: A classic color for neckties that suits well for all seasons and matches well with many colors.
  • Persian Blue: Classic blue tone for neckties, but not as common in dress shirts and suits.

Dark blue colors:

  • Classic dark blue: very common color for neckties, especially for solid color ties as it matches quite easy with almost all colors.
  • Denim Blue: Uncommon for formal men’s attire.
  • Egyptian Blue: Slightly darker than the classic dark blue. A commonly used blue for classic business ties, as well as suits.
  • Navy Blue: Common for both: Neckties and suits.
  • Midnight Blue: Midnight blue has a large portion of black. Midnight blue is more often used for suits than for neckties.
  • Sapphire Blue: Another very dark blue tone, that is common for suits. Solid color sapphire blue ties are quite rare. Instead, sapphire blue is more common for accept colors in stripes, and polka dots

Grayish-silver blues:

  • Carolina Blue: For formal men’s wear, this color is common for dress shirts. For ties it is more common for accent colors.
  • Periwinkle Blue: A light blue that appears almost silver. Most common in men’s dress shirts.
  • Steel Blue: Common for all: Shirts, suits, and neckties.

Matching blue ties:

It doesn’t get much easier than matching a blue tie to a shirt and suit. When matching ties, three things need to be considered: The colors, the patterns, and the season of the year (fabric weight). Light blue ties are best suited for warmer whether and should be combined with suits that are from a lighter material. Blue matches well with all classic suit color: Charcoal gray, light gray, blue, tan/beige, olive and green, brown, etc. The best shirts for blue ties are white, gray, light blue, light yellow.

Buying blue neckties

Since blue ties are so popular, we divided our ties into two groups: Light blue ties, and dark blue ties. At cheap-neckties you will find any classic and elegant tie design in blue such as striped blue ties, polka dot blue ties, or the classic solid color blue ties. In addition, we carry all our blue ties as XL silk ties and extra long ties, boy’s ties.

Blue silk ties: Detailed information on blue neckties in men’s fashion. Learn how to match a blue tie to suit and shirt, the psychology of wearing a blue necktie, different designs of blue ties, buying blue ties and more. At cheap neckties you will find it all from solid color baby blue ties to striped midnight blue neckties.