How to tie a tie: The Kent tie knot

The Kent tie knot is another small tie knot. Just like the Four in Hand tie knot, it only takes one wrapping of the wider part of the tie around the knot. Less of the ties lengths is used when tying this type of necktie knot, which will give the tie an extra 2-3 inches. Just like the FIH knot, the Kent knot is often times chosen by tall men that are tying a regular length tie. If you are tall and want to tie larger tie knots, then we recommend extra long ties. At cheap neckties we offer a wide range of XL neckties.

What is the difference between the FIH knot and the Kent knot? Although both tie knots are small, the Kent knot is more triangular, while the FIH necktie knot has a longer shape. This is because the Kent knot is started by wrapping the wide part of the tie from behind, and then around the narrow part. As a result only a single layer will be at the front of the knot.

Matching the Kent knot to tie and shirt:

As with every tie knot, look at the collar spread of your shirt before tying your tie. The smaller the knot, the narrower the collar spread should be. The tie knot should fill most of the gap between the collars. The Kent knot is a smaller tie knot, and should be worn with shirts having a narrow color spread. Another thing to look at is the fabric, more the thickness, of the tie. For the Kent knot it is recommended to use a slightly thicker tie or a tie made from woven silk.

tie a Kent tie knot

  1. Flip up your shirt collar and put the tie around your neck so that he wide part hangs down on your left side. Then twist the wide part of the tie by 180 degrees (simple turn the tie over once). This is important because we start this tie knot going first behind the narrow part.
  2. Cross the narrow part of the tie from behind with the wider part of the necktie.
  3. Now, take the wide part and wrap it around the front of the narrow part of the tie.
  4. Wrap the tie around the part coming from your right collar. Don’t tighten the tie to much, but create a loop in front of the knot. Then take the wide part of the tie and pull it through the loop.

How to tie a tie: Instructions to tie a perfect Kent knot. The Kent knot is a small and slightly more triangular looking tie knot. Simple to follow instructions on tying a necktie. With cheap neckties instructions learn how to tie a necktie and the Kent knot in minutes. Tying a necktie for dummies…