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Golden Yellow Striped Designer Tie

Golden Yellow Striped Designer Tie
$ 20.00

Product Details

A truly stunning striped tie in golden yellow and silver. This handmade tie will set you apart and will add a more modern style to any shirt and suit. The fine stripes in silver and light gray set a nice contrast to the festive golden-yellow background. This is a perfect tie for the navy or gray suit.

To match this tie we prefer a classic navy blue suit, a white dress shirt with a wider collar spread, and a larger triangular necktie knot. This tie is handmade from finest woven silk, has a thick feel, and luxurious sheen.

Tie Length: 58", Width: 3.5"

Product Rewiews

Billy's review

"I have had the type of job where I have had to wear a suit and necktie for the past 21 years. Over the years, I have bought many neckties. For the past few years I bought my ties exclusively at ***. The quality was high and when they were on sale the price was pretty reasonable. After Banks merged with Men’s Wearhouse they closed all of their outlet stores where I bought many of my neckties. Also, after the merger the sale prices were not nearly as appealing. In addition, the neckties got thinner. I prefer a 3.5 inch necktie. I started looking on the Internet for a new necktie source and I found I figured that I would give them a try and bought two $*** level neckties. When I got the neckties I found them to be of very high quality. They tied into a very nice knot. The material was of excellent quality. Since I was satisfied with my purchase I decided to purchase two more $*** level neckties. I am very satisfied with these neckties as well. In addition to the excellent quality, beautiful style, and the perfect knot, the shipping was fast and reasonable. I will continue to purchase my neckties from this company."

Rating 5/5
Carolyn's review

"My husband wears the tie the church, very high quality and have share your website with friends"

Rating 4/5