Item-Num.: SB42403B-30

Genuine Leather Dress Belt in Dark Brown

Genuine Leather Dress Belt in Dark Brown
$ 29.90

Product Details

Looking for one of the most versatile dress belts in brown? Then this is the one! Handmade from genuine calf leather, this belt not only looks fantastic and lasts a lifteime, but is also comfortable to wear. A great belt for trousers in blue, gray, olive, and tan.

NOTE ON SIZING: To find the right belt size for you, simply add 2-4 inches to your pant size. For example: If you wear pants with a waist size of 36 inch, then the right fitting belt will be size 38 or 40. Each belt comes with 5 belt holes that are spaced one inch apart to allow for a wide range of adjustment.

100% Genuine Leather | Handmade | Designer: Mont Pellier