Item-Num.: CS0507F

Formal Bow Tie in Navy with Stripes

Formal Bow Tie in Navy with Stripes
$ 5.00

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Sophisticate your solids when adding this dashing monochromatic striped navy bow tie. It's aura is superb for adding a splash of excellence to any ensemble. Its silent yet asserting design is ideal for wearing to the office or any celebration. You'll always feel polished when adorning this charming bow tie.

We adore seeing this bow tie worn with a supremely fitted silver suit and white button up. You can also contrast the subtle stripes of this bow tie with a simple button up elaborated with micro navy pin dots. Do remember that this bow tie is pre-tied and therefore requires a little less effort when assembling. It also fits up to a 19.5 inch neck.

Style: Pre-Tied Bow Tie | Length: Adjustable to 19.5 Collars