How to fold a pocket square with three corners up:

If you want a slightly more challenging pocket square fold, then the three corner up fold might be right for you. The three tips showing out of the breast pocket look a little bit like a crown. Some people refer to this type of fold also as “crown fold”. To learn how to fold your pocket squares with three corners showing, follow the instructions below.

Instructions on how to fold a pocket square: Three corners up

Folding a pocket square three corner up

  1. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the pocket square near the middle as if you place two triangles on top of one another. Make sure that two corners are showing at the tip. This is quite similar to the “two corners up” fold. The only difference is that the corners should be a little closer together – we still need to leave room for the third corner.
  3. To make the third and final corner, take one of the sides and fold it up and across.
  4. Finally, take the other side and fold it over so that it creates a flat surface on the bottom. Slide the pocket square into your breast pocket and straighten out the corners. You are done!

Common mistakes when folding a pocket square with three corners up.

  1. Problem: The corners are not staying in place. Pay closer attention to the second and third step. Make sure that both folds in step 2 and 3 create a strong edge so that it stays in place. Think just like folding a piece of paper. The stiffer the fabric of the pocket square the easier it will be.
  2. Problem: The pocket square slides down to one side. Pay closer attention to step 4. It is important to create a flat surface on the bottom of the pocket square. Also, make sure that you create a strong fold that stays in place. If this still doesn’t work, then using a slightly heavier pocket square will help. Linen pocket squares are the easiest to use. Still not looking right? Try this trick, take two or three paper clips and use them to hold down each fold. The extra weight will also help to keep the pocket square inside of your pocket.

Learn how to fold a pocket square with three corners sticking out of your pocket. Cheap neckties has easy to follow folding instructions for pocket squares.