Item-Num.: DA5257L

Extra Long Repp Stripe Tie in Navy and Pink

Extra Long Repp Stripe Tie in Navy and Pink
$ 9.95

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Product Details

Introduce your tie to the big leagues with our delightful new extra long tie. The Ivy League Approved Striped Tie in Navy and Pink comprises of a solid navy base material, with narrow blush hued stripes for the perfect amount of minimal color you were looking for. Wear it with a deep navy suit and blue checkered shirt for maximum appeal.

Do keep in mind that this tie is apart of our Extra Long collection, which means that it has an extra 5 inches on the standard length tie. However, this tie is also available in our standard length collection.

Brand: PUCCINI | Fabric: Repp Texture Microfiber | XL Length: 62", Width: 3.25"