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Deep Merlot Tie with Blue Stripes

Deep Merlot Tie with Blue Stripes
$ 15.00

Product Details

Rev up your level of masculine charm with this debonair and dashing regimental designed tie in deep merlot. The prestigious palette and the handsome repp texture of the textile are truly stunning in both terms of design and craftsmanship.

Join in on the good looks of school boy fashion and pair this remarkably fashionable necktie with a solid point-collar dress shirt, a trim cut navy blue blazer and vintage slim denim. Designed by Parsley and crafted from a premium and pure silk.

Length: 58", Width: 3.25"

Product Rewiews

Amr's review

"very good quality"

Rating 5/5
Leonard's review

"Great, conservative looking tie...perfect for my tan suit."

Rating 5/5
Gary's review

"Looked nice."

Rating 4/5
William's review

"I will use this with a blue shirt primarily. All through the week I am in a tie. I will recommend to those who wear ties as much as I do. Great deals. The quality is great. It ties well and feels right."

Rating 5/5
Dr.'s review

"Real nice tie."

Rating 5/5
Bill's review

"classic styling and excellent quality"

Rating 5/5
Greg's review

"Whilst reading Proust."

Rating 5/5
John's review

"I was initially impressed with the look of this tie. However, its shape did not last after wearing it four times."

Rating 3/5
Florentino's review

"Beautiful! excellent Value"

Rating 5/5
Arthur's review

"I picked it."

Rating 5/5
Douglas's review

"Great tie."

Rating 5/5
Shari's review

"great quality"

Rating 5/5
FRANCESCO's review

"for work this winter"

Rating 5/5