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Climbing Floral Tie in Navy, Red, and White

Climbing Floral Tie in Navy, Red, and White
$ 15.00

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A perfect example of how to incorporate a more lively vibe into your stale wardrobe. Hey, we're not blaming you. We know that life can get busy and that you've been putting off buying a set of new ties for...years... Have no fear though, Blackbird has given us a dashing new line of floral neckties that will bring the beautiful aspects of the outdoors onto your necktie.

Blackbird's new lie is made from some of the finest cotton fabrics allowing this collection to be soft and stylish. These neckties are also made with a modern 2.75-inch width making it skinnier than our standard necktie.

Fabric: Printed Cotton | Length: 58", Skinny Width: 2.75"