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Classy Burgundy Red Polka Dot Tie

Classy Burgundy Red Polka Dot Tie
$ 15.00

Product Details

A stunning polka dot tie in deep burgundy red. What makes this tie so unique is that the polka dot pattern is made from the exact same color yarn as the background. The tie initially looks pattern-less but once the light hits the fabric, the intricate polka dot pattern adds a subtle elegant touch.


This tie is handmade from finest silk. It is a tie that is made with a thicker lining - perfect for those who like the look of larger necktie knots.


Tie Length: 58", Tie Width: 3.5"

Product Rewiews

Bill's review

"terrific design and quality"

Rating 5/5
Richard's review

"This tie is better than the picture. In general the product photos are average at best and do not show either accuracy in color or the fine details of the tie."

Rating 5/5