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Charcoal Skinny Tie Knitted Silk

Charcoal Skinny Tie Knitted Silk
$ 15.00

Product Details

Bring your streetstyle to the next level with this trendy knit tie by neckwear designer BlackBird. It is the perfect tie to wear sans suit. Our tip: Pair this piece with either V-neck sweater or cardigan in colors navy, light gray, or maroon.

If you are a fan of knitted ties, then we at Cheap-Neckties carry this new collection by designer BlackBird in 16 colors: black, slate-silver, charcoal (shown here), amber, yellow, maroon, sky-blue, navy, indigo, cherry, taupe, cream, hunter-green, and fern-green.

PLEASE NOTE: This tie has a flat bottom and not the standard pointed bottom.

Length: 58", Width: 2.25"