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Bright Pool Blue Tie in Skinny Cut

Bright Pool Blue Tie in Skinny Cut
$ 10.00

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Add a splash of color this season with the Bright Pool Blue Tie in Skinny Cut. This aqua inspired piece is the perfect glistening addition to your favorite light grey suit, just the ticket for an exotic summer wedding, be it for the Big Day or the honeymoon celebrations. You can always pare it back with a simple white shirt for an essence of casual chic. The uber trendy skinny width of just 2" puts a more contemporary spin on the classic plaid pattern, highlighting the elemental tones of aqua and sky blue.

Fashioned from a sleek microfiber material, the jacquard woven technique formulates a 3D aesthetic to the design. Durable and care-free, this tie ticks all the boxes without burning a hole in your pocket.

Length: 58", Trendy Skinny Cut: 2" Wide