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Boys Sized Tie in Taupe and Beige

Boys Sized Tie in Taupe and Beige
$ 9.95

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This formal tie in a beautiful Taupe and Beige is designed by Puccini. It pairs elegantly with a Charcoal fitted suit, or a classic black tux. This tie is self tied, which provides a perfect opportunity for dad to show how it is expertly done. The subtle texture adds an extra flair to the tie, while bringing a simple elegance. The resemblance between dad and his son will be uncanny.

Please remember that this tie is made for children 6 to 12 years old. It's length is produced to suit a smaller stature. Don't be weary though, this product can also be found in our Men's and Extra Long sizes. So dad and brother can also have the flawless tie to create the model family photo.

Kids Tie Length: 47", Width: 2.5"