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Blue Lace Silk Tie in Skinny Width

Blue Lace Silk Tie in Skinny Width
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Lace is making a comeback and we're noticing a huge increase in themed weddings surrounding this vintage pattern. If blue is your color then look no further than the Blue Lace Silk Tie in Skinny Width. We're astonished by the detail in this tie and we're sure you will be too! The intricate lace pattern is handwoven onto the fine silk fabric and with each thread forming a blossoming bouquet of blue flowers. The skinny width of just 2.75" gives this elegant old-style pattern a more contemporary makeover for a modern twist on your big day.

Handmade from a quality combination of silk and cotton.

Handmade 65% Silk, 35% Cotton | Length: 58", Width: 2.75"