November 9, 2012

Worst Dressed Athletes – Top 5 Least Stylish Athletes of All Time

Worst Dressed Athletes: The Five Worst

Professional athletics and athletes are a global sensation that encompass our innate sense of competition, rivalry and our wish for super natural talents. Most of us can’t do a windmill, slam dunk, or hit a grand slam, but we can surely root for the athletes and the teams that can. There’s no doubt that we watch sports for the game, but the more we watch, the more these super star athletes become iconic figures outside of the game. Famous athletes all have their own spin on fame and fortune and with that comes the best dressed athletes and the worst dressed athletes. We’ve done a five part series on the Worst Dressed Athletes of All Time with words of wisdom on what not to emulate with these superstars.

Petty_Dresses_BadlyNumber #1 – Kyle Petty
Winner, winner, chicken dinner. The award for The Worst Dressed Athlete of All Time goes to the race car legend Kyle Petty. We can’t figure out if Petty was all work and no play because we never saw him dressed in anything but his racing suit and his corporate endorsements. The number one contributor to Petty’s ranking as Number One Worst Dressed was his rat tail. For more info, check out our entire feature on Kyle Petty’s Style

Sanders_Dresses_Badly_Worst _Mens-FashionNumber #2 – Deion Sanders
Deion Sanders is ranked as the Second Worst Dressed Athlete of All Time because of his excessive accessorizing with gold and diamonds. We have no idea how Sanders was able to wear so many gold necklaces at once. The weight alone. Sanders also liked to over utilize the track jacket adding to a look that can only be called -satirical. Check out our entire feature on Deion Sanders Fashion

_Steve_Nash_Dresses_BadlyNumber #3 – Steve Nash
Steve Nash comes in as the Third Worst Dressed Athlete of All time for a number of reasons but most importantly because of his thirteen year old boy inspired ensembles of hoodies and ragged jeans. All he’s missing is a skate board and a home room. Nash ranks at the top of our list for his complete disregard for fashion and lack grooming. To read the entire story, click here…

Irvin_Dresses_BadlyNumber #4 – Michael Irvin
Michael Irvin is ranked as our Fourth Worst Dressed Athlete of All Time for this extra loud fashion choices and his habits of opting for cartoon motif dress shirts and thick rimmed glasses in a spectrum of unflattering and disconcerting colors. There’s always too much going on in Irvin’s menswear ensembles making him a famous for loud and unfortunate fashion ensembles. Here is the entire Micheal Irvin’s Worst Dressed article.

Duncan_Dresses_BadlyNumber #5 – Tim Duncan
Tim Duncan ranks as the Fifth Worst Dressed Athlete of All Time because of his fashion addiction to oversized and loose sweatshirts and flip flops. We don’t know where a man of his stature and frame can find such a large sweatshirt, but we’re betting he must have bought in bulk. We would like to see Duncan polish it up off the court and show some civilized interest in menswear fashion. Here are all the reasons why Tim Duncan’s Fashion made our worst dressed list.

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