May 11, 2009

Types of Neckwear For Men

The Different Types of Neckwear For Men

Men have been wearing ties for several centuries and over time many different variations have been created. Below is a list of ties that are commonly worn today.

Bow Ties
Everyone should know what a bow tie looks like. Bow Ties come as a pre-tied (so-called clip on) and as a self tied version. The bow usually ranges in size of about 1-3 inches in width. Besides formal attire, bow ties are often times associated with certain professions such as professors, architects and interior designers.

The Bolo Tie
The bolo tie is a piece of leather or braided cord that is worn around the neck and fastened with a decorative metal clasp. The bolo tie is usually associated with western wear. This type of tie was invented by a Silversmith in Arizona in the early 1940s. In 1971 Arizona made the bolo tie their official state neckwear.

The Ascot
The ascot is a very formal type of necktie that resembles a look half scarf and half necktie. It is much looser tied than a necktie and slightly larger in width but shorter in length. The ascot was made poplar in Britain around 1890. It got it’s name from the infamous horse race “The Royal Ascot” where men used to wear this type of tie in combination with a tailcoat jacket. Today the ascot is occasionally worn at formal weddings.

Skinny Ties
As the name suggests, the skinny tie is very narrow in width – usually 1.5-2.5 inches. The tie was made popular during the late 1960s. In recent years the skinny tie gained more popularity especially among younger men.

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