August 31, 2010

Ties for the Charcoal Suit

Spice up the Classic Charcoal-Gray Suit with One of These Ties

Unarguably, charcoal is the most popular and most common color on a mens suit. It is a color that is elegant, classy, and timeless. Because it is such a versatile color, it is typically the first suit a man will buy. Even though the charcoal colored dress suit is so common, it is anything but boring. Below are three tie choices that will add more spice and a fresh touch to the charcoal suit. For more information on each tie, please click on the picture.

red striped neck tieThe Bold Red Power Tie
Wearing a dark charcoal suit with a red tie instantly draws attention to the outfit. It is a perfect combination for those who want to get noticed but without adding too much obnoxious flash to the classic suit. The tie featured on the left is a perfect example. The color may be bright, but it is not too overpowering and too intense. The subtle striped pattern on this tie adds a nice texture to the fabric. It is a perfect tie for charcoal suits that are patternless, have checks, or a fine birds-eye pattern. The best dress shirts are either solid white or light blue. We also suggest you add a neatly folded white pocket square to this outfit.

pumpkin orange striped neck tieOrange & Light Blue & Gray
This tie is a perfect choice for the spring and summer month. Even though this tie looks nice with many different suit colors, we like to match this tie with a light gray-blue dress shirt and a charcoal gray suit. This tie will add all the color you need. Unlike the bright red tie featured above, this orange tie adds a little more subtle color. It is perfect for those who want to show some fresh color but also appreciate a slightly understated ensemble. For more tips on how to match this tie, as well as to purchase this tie, please click on the picture on the left.

yellow paisley necktieThe Spring Look
Looking to wear the charcoal suit on a spring or summer day? Then this paisley patterned necktie in a light pastel yellow color will be a perfect accessory. The fine paisley pattern is combined with colors light yellow, lemon, and off-white. To match this tie we suggest a solid white dress shirt made from fine cotton twill, a solid charcoal gray suit, black dress shoes, and a folded light yellow pocket square – a look that will definitely turn heads anywhere you go.

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